Fictional Irish Clan Epic Rolls On

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Following the success of his debut novel “The Law of Dreams”, Canadian author Peter Behrens carries the timeline of his fictional (yet roughly based on his family history) Irish clan story to the next generation.

His first prose won critical acclaim when published in 2006 and he was awarded the Governor General’s Literary Award in Canada – the story covered the emigration of Fergus O’Brien as he crossed the Atlantic Ocean to escape the Irish famine of 1847 and the trials he endured as he carved out a new life for himself and his family.

Behrens’ new novel, simply titled “The O’Briens” takes up the family dynasty with Fergus’ grandson, Joe who takes on the role of father figure to his siblings after his own father is killed fighting in the Boer War.

The story of this Irish family rolls through the decades from 1880 up to 1960 and sees the Clan venture to locations across North America from British Columbia in Canada to the sun-drenched state of California as the saga unfolds.

“The O’Briens” has been well received by critics and promises to bring further success to Peter Behrens. The book highlights the experiences of many an Irish family that crossed to the New World but remained forever bound to the Irish traditions and never-say-die attitude of their homeland.

Read the Washington Post’s review of “The O’Briens”:


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