O'Reilly/Reilly April 28, 2017 3:53 PM

By : Timothy

Charles Reilly b. circa 1800 married Mary nee Reilly b. 1805 from the Townland of Cranaghan, Co Cavan,  12 Aug 1838, in Drumlane Parish, they then lived in Cranaghan, Co Cavan, Ire.

Prior to their marriage, Charles lived in the Townland of Kildalan, Parish of Kildalan, Co Cavan, about 3 or so miles south southwest of Cranaghan.

They had Francis) b. 30 Jun 1839, Bernard b. 18 Aug 1841, Margaret b.1844, Hugh b. 29 Nov 1846, James b.1849, Mary b. 23 Aug 1852 and Charles b. 12 Jun 1854. 

If youre a OReilly/Reilly, post your information, we can help each other out.

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