Daniel J Daly of Milwaukee Wisconsin USA 1863-1937 March 18, 2017 12:44 PM

By : Chris

Hello. Daniel J (Joseph) Daly was my paternal grandfather. He was born in Ireland 29 March 1863, came to the US in the later 1880's, ending his travels in Milwaukee Wisconsin. He met a sweet girl from Wales, Ann Ellen Williams, born in 1873. They married in Milwaukee on 12 October 1891. They lived in Milwaukee all their lives and had 10 children. All of their children have also passed, and there are many grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc around. They were both injured in a car crash on 30 Sep 1937. Dan died 17 Oct 1937 and Ann died 20 Mar 1938. Both are buried together. 

I am seeking historical and ancestral information on Daniel and Ann. We believe he may have been from County Cork. I can find numerous Irish church records that may be him, and of his parents, in Cork, Tipperary, Dublin, etc. A common name, thus many possible records exist. The marriage document lists him as DALEY and his parents as Daniel Daley and Catheinre Horgan (my great grand parents). We believe that the name was recorded mis-spelled as was very common in the states. I cannot locate exact Irish records, and continue my quest to do so. I have an extensive family tree on "". I am hoping to locate lost family - cousins, nieces, nephews, etc that are in the area, or scattered across the USA.

Feel free to reach out and see how we may be connected. I will visit the Emerald Isle one day soon to travle and enjoy one part of my roots. :) 

Chris Daly, Waterloo, Wisconsin, USA

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