Cunningham Relatives November 21, 2016 5:34 PM

By : Shannon



Hi everyone :)


My name is Shannon, I live in the states and my grandmother is a Cunningham. I've traced her family back a little ways and it seems that they are the Cunninghams who immigrated to Ireland. I would love to see if I can find any distant Cunningham relations! My grandmother's maiden name is Dorothy Cunningham, her father was George Dewey Cunningham (B. Jun 1898 D. May 1936). His father was Samuel Ephraim Cunningham (B. Aug 1861 D. Jan 1943). I believe his parents were Ephraim Cunninham (B.Oct 1810 D. 1891) and Phebe Cunningham (B. Feb 1829 D. 1917). Either I don't know Phebe's maiden name or she was also a Cunningham. This is as far back as I can go with a good level of certainty, from there it's mostly trusting the word of the internet! If you have any information on any of these people, or can help me add to my genealogy research I would be very grateful.



George Dewey Cunningham



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