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People have five flavors: sour Cigarettes For Sale, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty. Of course, I also know that the five tastes are happy, sad, shy, sad, and moved. Today I want to write one of these five senses--moving. The sky is gray and the mood has become depressed. The bus was almost full of people, and my mother and I spent a lot of effort to squeeze in from the crowded entrance. I remembered the door that had no beauty at all, and the face was red and red. Finally found two stained seats in the last row. Suddenly there was an old lady who was dirty and smelly. He came in behind him, followed by a little girl who was unhappy. It is obviously the summer aunt who seems to be not afraid of heat, wearing a washed whitish old-fashioned long-sleeved shackle, but the little girl has a bad day. The little girl wore a beautiful flower skirt with two low pony tails. The old lady said with a slightly hoarse voice: "How is the granddaughter eating today?" It seems that the little girl is arrogant and said, "It��s much more delicious than what you did." The old lady sighed helplessly, using The bark-like hand opened the white plastic bag and looked at the few dollars that were already inside. There seems to be a twilight in his gaze. "Come on coin, I don't want to go back!" The old lady twitched and put all the six yuan into it. Just then, a young man in his 20s stood up and said, "Auntie, you are sitting at this age, it is not easy to take care of your children." "Thank you, boy." The old lady said with gratitude, But the little girl sat up with her ass, and regardless of the old lady, she snorted. At this time, a naive little boy stood up and said to the old aunt: "Grandma, you sit here, the kindergarten teacher teaches us to respect the old and love the young, can't be ignorant." The old lady did not sit but said: "Good Marlboro Lights. The child thank you, but no, I look at my granddaughter." "Oh." There was a sense of loss in the boy's tone. The little girl said abruptly: "I am thirsty, give me water." The little boy screamed with a flustered face because of anger, and said with anger: "You don't take it yourself?" The old lady sighed silently Marlboro Gold. Sighed and said: "Hey, good boy, you don't have to worry about it." "Hurry up to me." The little girl's tone actually has a tone that makes the servant. "Well, my little ancestor is this water cup?" The old lady took out a somewhat yellowed water glass. "No, I have my own cup, give it to me." "I forgot to bring it." "Hey, I don't drink." From their conversation, I can hear the helplessness of the old lady and the little girl's ignorance. The car was swaying and swaying like a mother's arms, so many people started to sleep, and the first one glimpsed. The little girl also made a sleepy, head fell to the seat, it seems that it is not very comfortable, tossing and turning, suddenly, the old lady put down the bag, put the little girl in her arms, watching the little girl find a comfortable position to sleep deeply go with. I suddenly felt that the sky was a little sunny, the destination was here, I got off the bus, the bus continued to move forward. I suddenly understood a lot. The young man respected the old man, the little boy respected the old man, the little girl was unreasonable, and the old lady Repeated tolerance, nothing more than pointing to one thing - respecting the old and loving the young. There are many forks in life, and it has appeared so suddenly in front of me, so I can't take care of it. Respecting the old and loving the young and simple is a simple word, but it contains endless meaning. This is one thing that moved me, it will always be in the depths of my memory.
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