arvest it in the wheat of knowl October 03, 2019 9:19 PM

By : ylq

Autumn, a wonderful season. All kinds of emotions are mixed together, sour, sweet, bitter and spicy. Autumn is a season of withering. The leaves are flying and I don��t feel a bit sad and sad Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Look, this piece of leaves that has almost completely sallowed, despite the tightly pulling the branches that have been deeply loved, was finally taken away by the autumn wind. It was desperate, spinning in the air, like a dead yellow butterfly, flying for the last time in the sunset. Autumn is the season of homesickness. "Where is the autumn wind? Xiao Xiao sent the geese. Come to the court tree, the first guest to smell." Liu Yuxi's heart is so lonely. "Luoyang City sees the autumn wind, and the writer wants to write a lot of books. The complex fears are inexhaustible, and the pedestrians are opened and opened Marlboro Red." In this beautiful and prosperous Luoyang city, Zhang Ji also seems so embarrassed. "Nothing speaks alone on the west floor, the moon is like a hook, and the lonely Tongshen locks the autumn. The cut is constant, and the reason is chaos. It is away from the hustle and bustle. It is not the general taste." The country broke home, the gardener went to the building, and the incompetence Li Houzhu is also so sentimental. The same is the autumn wind, the same as the wanderer, they all miss the hometown. Autumn is the season of maturity. The once tender face has become more mature; the ignorant child has become more awkward; the group that belonged to us before is gradually forgotten. We are mature, no longer the little doll in spring. We have taken the time to give us the sickle and harvest it in the wheat of knowledge Parliament Cigarettes. Please don't get lost in the advantage of the moment. If you don't cherish this last little time, when you come in winter, people who don't have the wisdom to save will be the first to be beaten by the pressure of competition. Thanks to the autumn, not only because of the fruitful, but also because of the fallen leaves. The meaning of life behind the flying dance. No matter it is sour and bitter, I love the beautiful autumn, love the mature autumn.
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