Bulk SMS Software September 26, 2019 1:50 AM

By : Zoe

If you are a doctor, lawyer, sales executive, fitness trainer, or for that matter any other professional and still use your phone to send SMS's related to work then it's time you spend the next few minutes reading this article. This article explains why do you need a Bulk SMS software and how your life can be much easier with it.

As a professional you know your clients personally, and provide them personalized services. Well so do others in your field, so how can you be different? and what has a bulk SMS software got to do with it? You can be different by providing exceptional service. Sometimes, we don't think out of the box and assume that we cannot do anything more. To understand this better lets go through an example.

Lets say you are a doctor and prescribed a 3 day course of medicine to Mr. Mehta for common cold. Now you would say every doctor will give the same medicines for the same symptoms of something so simple to diagnose. This is exactly where you have assumed that nothing more can be done to provide exceptional service. You have limited your thinking here. However, if you scratch your creativity considering options available, then you will realize many ways in which you could even now provide exceptional service. One of the easiest ways could be sending a SMS to Mr. Mehta timely via a Bulk SMS software, reminding him to take medicines. How does this help? This will improve the number of times Mr. Mehta takes his medicine on time, thereby he will be cured soon. In addition, to getting cured he will also be delighted with your personal attention and care. This will lead to him advising others to choose your services the next time they need it.

Now let's take a look at the other features of the Bulk SMS software you may find fascinating to use.

* Store client information.

* Create groups of clients. For e.g. you can create a group of heart patients, another for diabetes and send them information about their respective diseases in the form of tips via SMS. This will not only increase awareness but also increase their trust in you and thereby your consultation.

* Send SMS from anywhere via the SMS reseller's website. In case you do not have access to internet at all times, you can connect your mobile phone to your PC and send SMS, at bulk SMS rates.

* A Bulk SMS Software can help you send SMS not just in bulk but also to a single person. You may use it for personal messages also.

* Schedule a SMS(s) to be sent. Like in our earlier example you can once schedule SMSs for Mr. Mehta.

* Send an interactive SMS from your SMS Software. In case of our earlier example you could keep reminding Mr. Mehta continually via SMS until he confirms via a reply to you that he has taken the medicines.

* You can upload the list of mobile numbers of recipients from a simple excel sheet.

* Get delivery reports.


Re: Bulk SMS Software September 28, 2019 5:22 AM

By : Faei73

Marketing of the business is difficult and even I am going to start my new business and planning to start the sms automotive service. It is going to be very difficult to try so many options but I will definitely give them a shot so that can find out the options that will best suit our needs.

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