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r's family. Standing in the same place, I forgot to look around, I forgot to look for memories, I forgot to relive the sweetness. I feel lonely, face things are people, suddenly mixed feelings, tears wet the eyes, grandparents only moved for a year, a year, so that all my memory is covered with a layer of dust. The dust does not fall, how can I let my heart settle down, and the three cherry trees outside the dam are greeted by me, they seem to know me, and the small white queue welcomes me. Looking at the skewed branches of them, my heart gave birth to some coziness. If it wasn��t because I accidentally fell from the cherry tree, my grandfather wouldn��t cut it to the branches and leaves. Today, they only have a few new branches, and they look far away. Just like the bleakness of the grandmother's house, everything is changing, but the three cherry trees hold the pure land. Together with me, they witnessed the excitement of the past Chinese New Year. The grandfather is responsible for adding firewood to the stove. The grandmother is responsible for the kitchen. The grandmother's cooking skills are always only three steps of pouring oil, frying and boiling. However, the deliciousness of the dishes is not lost to the ordinary foreigners of the ordinary restaurant. It��s a grandfather��s family. Occasionally, I��ll be like a little bee, carrying a bowl full of dishes, turning over two high thresholds from the kitchen and placing them on two tables of Eight Immortals. Of course, stealing is indispensable. When you are no one, you can put the meat into your mouth with lightning speed. At this time, the grandmother��s family likes to fight the dog, like a chicken blood, swaying his tail hard, sticking his body to my feet, and then looking up, my eyes looked at me with pity, and bowed my head for a while. I have no big compassion when I am going to have a reunion dinner. The family is sitting together, the adults are talking about the family, the grandfather will come up with one or two cups of mellow sorghum, and the grandmother will urge everyone to think about it from time to time. I can��t help but evoke The dog, my voice disappeared in the distance. For a long time, the dog who did not sneak his legs and greeted me to go home Newport Cigarettes, there was no smile of a grandfather and grandmother. The world has never been so quiet. Even if a mosquito flies, it will ease some of my sorrows and open the door. My grandmother's house is empty Marlboro Gold. My posters on the wall begin to discolor The ground is scattered with rubbish. The spider web in the air prevents me from advancing. I know that those The spider wants to tell me that they have sealed the place here, but I still have a window to clean the moonlight. There is no aftertaste. How can I easily leave the house in the dark, a few sunshine of justice, through the door to illuminate the house, I thank them for continuing to warm the house. sprinkle. In the kitchen, there are also neatly piled up firewood. Grandma is a clean-loving person. Sweeping the ground is one of the homework every morning, so the grandmother��s house is clean all the year round. But now, the grandmother��s love sweeps the broom and I don��t know where to go? I only saw the hat that the grandfather had worn for many years on the table. It was left here by his grandfather. It stayed there quietly. If time didn��t stop, I thought it would lock the door with the whole wilderness Newport 100S. I Laughing: "I went home and went back. It was a lot farther than the road. My footsteps were heavy and I always felt that the earth was dragging my legs. When I passed through the bamboo forest, the mountain wind picked up. The yellow bamboo leaves fell down the wind, some fell on my shoulders, and some fell on my hair. I didn't use my hands to go to the bamboo leaves. I know that they are going to land on my body. I am rooted, I am going, I am stopping, walking, I have already recognized the weeds' occupation of the wilderness. The corn fields and the rapeseed have all withdrawn from this desolate hometown battlefield. At the end of the war, no one wins, no one fails. The only change is that I have engraved the footprints on this land again. In this silence, I don��t want time to cover the grandfather��s face. In this wilderness, I don��t want to take away those slumbering yesterday��s looming I seem to hear the bark of the dog, broke The silent silence of this wilderness Marlboro Cigarettes.
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