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The show somehow managed to remain on air until 1999. Ferris Bueller: Ferris Bueller s Day Off was a huge hit in 1986, but the TV series only lasted one miserable season in 1990. Ferris has had plenty of days off since then. Planet of the Apes: The Charlton Heston infused movie did well in the theaters in 1968, but for some reason the TV version only lasted one season in 1974. Uncle Buck:

Was the movie really that great in 1989? It was just a standard comedy that tried to teach youngsters the idea of appreciating your family. So was the TV series in 1990 really necessary? One season tells us no.ABCs Desperate Housewives and the Suddenly Famous Pink BlanketLois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman reviewTV Stars Really?

Organizations that invest millions of dollars in movie content are very concerned about protecting their investments. That concern is perfectly reasonable. Technical copy protection, however, will not stop piracy. In other words, a physical lock that is 99% effective will stop 99% of break ins and thus prevent 99% of potential losses due to theft. In the digital world,

however, once a copy protection scheme is broken, someone can write a software program to make breaking the copy protection easy for anyone. After that, any thief that can download the software will be able to circumvent the copy protection and then steal digital content just as effectively and as fast as the original genius that broke the copy protection scheme.

Digital World Difference 2: Bits Can Be CopiedThe second difference between the physical and digital worlds has to do with the concept of quantities. In the physical world, there is a one to one relationship between the quantity of an item that is stolen and the loss incurred by the rightful owner. In the digital world, however,

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