But you come to understand February 12, 2019 10:26 PM

By : StevenCao

I am hoping that incorporating this method would benefit the servers because bots can't sell deflated goods Cheap Maplestory2 Mesos, advertise sites, or benefit those who are too lazy to play.

I have thought about the the percent maplestory2 boss harm

With this personality slot im having some trouble with what I should make next to boost my mains damage and overall a choice.

All classes I have made so far: AB, Xenon, Kanna, Lumi, BT, DA, Merc, Shade, and Phantom.I honostly do not care about my shade they're not my style hes just at par 100 just for s rank card. So when taking these. If removing my colour would help for a link maplestory2 skill do understand that this will eliminate my deck so when replacing do take this into consideration.

More to note I do not intend on maining these characters I like my AB strategy to continue this for quite a long time and after I move from it, it'll be my Ghost or kanna therefore I really don't care what I make.I have believed about the DS the % maplestory2 boss harm is nice that the card impact isnt that amazing but meh who cares.

I have also thought about building a cygnus... I do not have one so if I do thats 24 ATT raise the question would be which one? The thunder breaker looks most promising with all the card effect providing bonus damage per level (unless I am missunderstanding the card effect) he is also a pirate that would mean I could replace my shade with him thus giving me back the 6% PDR. The link maplestory2 skill however is amazing. If I had all 5 to create then would not be bad but I think that a lone cygnus connection is bad ( I might be wrong im a noob here).

That is all I have to donate to the I am not that smart in such aspects and wouldn't know what could be better so im asking the experienced players for their aid. I'd very much love it thanks!

Because it different from everything else I've encountered Although I have not logged on in a year or so , I still keep tabs.

To you, the playerbase, I admit on several occasions I have shouted at my display, asking Nexon to repair the game and quit pasting patches in, and this and this, and I've also grown mad with them due to the tech maplestory2 issues. But you come to understand that this is simply natural for a match of this size.To the maplestory2 team, thanks for always being patient with uswhen we act like the MS2 Mesos most immature and irrespectable small brats that we can be.

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