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The video has quickly become a flashpoint in the battle over viral misinformation, turning a live interaction rs gold watched by thousands in real time into just another ideological tug of war. But it has also highlighted how video content long seen as an unassailable verification tool for truth and confirmation has become as vulnerable to political distortion as anything else.

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[White House suspends press pass of CNN's Jim Acosta after his testy exchange with Trump]Albright said videos like this pose an even greater risk of perpetuating misinformation than completely faked news videos, because they contain a grain of truth and will likely be given the assumption of accuracy.

"The most dangerous type of fake news and reporting and evidence is when you get into the fine details, the nuanced things that are shaped to present a certain viewpoint or decision or news a certain way," he said. "It's not AI generated or completely false. It's something that's real but has been literally stretched . and molded into weaponized evidence."

Sanders's tweet of the edited video, in which she said the White House would "not tolerate the inappropriate behavior clearly documented in this video," has at least 20,000 retweets and more than 2 million views. Watson's video, posted two hours before, has been seen at least 740,000 times.

Matt Dornic, a CNN communications executive, tweeted that Sanders's sharing of the video was "absolutely shameful." "You released a doctored video actual fake news. History will not be kind to you," he wrote.On Thursday, Sanders said, "The question is: did the reporter make contact or not? The video is clear, he did. We stand by our statement."

The White House News Photographers Association said in a statement Thursday that it was "appalled" that Sanders may have "shared a manipulated video." "We know that manipulating images is manipulating truth. It's deceptive, dangerous and unethical," said association president Whitney Shefte. "Knowingly sharing manipulated images is equally problematic, particularly when the person sharing them is a representative of our country's highest office with vast influence over public opinion."

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