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"This has no dramatic fiscal impact," said board member Scott Phelps, "women dresses for sale there is evidence of success with these kinds of decisions," citing the damaging effect on North Carolina in 2015, after it enacted discriminatory restroom accommodation laws.Board member Patrick Cahalan agreed, saying, "These (actions) are small, not earth shattering contributions to the civil rights movement, but every rock on the right side of the scale matters."Pasadena Unified Board President Roy Boulghourjian disagreed with the resolution, however, saying he disagreed with the word "prohibited" in the resolution."I'm inclined to putting our dedication to fostering equal access for students right here in our district," she said, "rather than saying to some distant state, 'We wish you would change your laws,' if that hinders some of our senior staff."Responded Board Member Lawrence Torres, "This law has symbolic importance to our students and our community at a time when so many rights and privileges and freedoms are being taken away from certain segments of our population.

In the Software arena, smart kids out of high school can do a lot if college is not holding them back. 2009, download pdf (224kb); Cornish, Turk, Hagerman 2008, download pdf (148kb); Cornish, Manly et al. "The fiscal framework for gas is not addressed in the Alaska oil tax reform.

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