One afternoon in the fall of 2001 November 06, 2018 9:08 PM

By : gfgfgfgfgfgf5

One afternoon in the fall of 2001, the weather was bright and the sun was hanging high in the sky. The white clouds floated in the sky, the bustling crowds traversed the streets, and the wide roads were running through the river. The footsteps, the sound of the car whistle, and the laughter of the visitors are intertwined and merged into a beautiful song. For a long time, the duck mother who did not go out for a walk, came to the lively streets of Vancouver with the duck babies. A group of embarrassing ducks became a beautiful landscape on the street. The ducklings lined up in a neat team behind the mother of the ducks. Several young ducks came out for the first time Newport Cigarettes Price. s who walked in the back looked like they looked around and looked at them. They looked at the dazzling array of goods Newport 100S. "Oh," their voices are higher than the waves. They want to discuss which side of the scenery is the most beautiful and unique. The little ducks in the back looked at the scenery but forgot to look at the road. At this moment, suddenly, a few ducklings in front of the sewer appeared "plop" and fell into the sewer. The ducklings blew up the camp suddenly, and the mother of the ducks found out that the situation was wrong. They quickly turned around and found that the ducklings were turning around the sewer. The mother of the duck rushed to run away. The mother of the duck yelled at the sewer mouth and put her head in. I saw a few ducklings who were scared together. The mother of the duck tried to rescue the children by sticking her head in, but she could not stretch until halfway through. The mother of the duck lifted her head and squatted around the sewer like an ant on a hot pot. Then the mother of the duck couldn't make a plan and only counted it. I saw that it put the foot in and wanted the children to catch it, but the foot was still too short, and the ducklings could not reach it. The mother of the duck had to put her foot back and was so anxious to turn around. At this time, the mother of the duck saw the patrolman who was working. The eyes of the mother patrolman met with a friendly saying: "Little duck, I am working, you go to another place to play!" After that, the duck mother was taken to another place and went back to work. The mother of the duck ran in the air and flew past the wings. It bites the patrol's trousers with his mouth Marlboro Lights, keeps screaming, and looks at the direction of the sewer from time to time. The patrolman wondered: "What's wrong, the little duck? What happened?" The mother of the duck rushed to lead the patrolman to the place of the sewer Marlboro Gold, and the patrolman immediately followed.the sewers, the ducklings were spinning in the dirty water inside, as if they would be washed away at any time. The patrolman frowned, no matter how dirty the water was, rolled up his sleeves and bent down to rescue the ducklings inside. The mother of the duck quickly kissed a few newly rescued ducklings Marlboro Gold Pack. Then the ducks circled around the patrolman and sang "". The road people saw each other and erected a thumbs up. The patrolman commanded the vehicle not to drive for the ducks to pass. The ducks began to stroll again, and the patrolmen watched them leave until they went farther and farther... The road shone in the sunlight, and the street becnderful scenes of people living in harmony with each other and helping each other. The life in which people and animals live in harmony is what we are raving about. The world cannot have fewer animals, and there must be no more people. Only we all exist, and living in harmony with the world will become even more beautiful.

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