The rabbit always wanted to go alone to November 06, 2018 9:08 PM

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The rabbit always wanted to go alone to play. It wanted to think that the mother could promise to play it, but the mother always said, "Rabbit, you are still small, it is dangerous to play, and what to do if you lose." Therefore, the rabbit is annoyed every time he thinks about it. Finally, one day, my mother promised the rabbit to play, and gave the rabbit a hundred rabbits. This time I went to go for three days, so my mother was very prepared and said and a puppy floating on the water. The curious rabbit ran over and threw himself into the water. The puppy saw it immediately jumped into the water to save the rabbit. Once on the shore, the rabbit said, "Thank you for saving me," and then said: "Why can you float on the water, and I can't? Why do you jump on the water and don't fall into the water, and I I jumped into the water after a jump? Why can you... and I can��t...? The little monkey listened and said: "There are a few big stones in the water, the stone bridge, we are standing on the stone and you are not Standing on the stone, you will "plop" into the water. After the rabbit understands, they will float with the puppy monkey. They will be happy to play, and the water will come on the water. the sun was drying, and the rabbit had not yet got up. After the meeting, the rabbit was awakened by a noise. It turned out that a pair of ducks were going to get married. So the rabbits also went to join in the fun. In the marriage, the bully lion king came over, and a pair of duck newcomers can be anxious to say that whoever drives the bully lion king away has a reward. When the rabbit heard it, he came up with a trick. The rabbit first let everyone make a mess in a wooden house, and then closed the lights in the wooden house. The rabbit made a few black clothes and let several animals put on clothes and went into the wooden house to decorate the ghosts and scare the lions away. A scream "Oh" is not good, the Lion King is coming. Several animals dressed in black and loaded with ghosts immediately enter the wooden house to prepare to scare the lion. The rabbit risked his life to introduce the lion into the wooden house Marlboro Lights. After entering the wooden house, the rabbit immediately hides. Get up and start to pretend to be a ghost Online Cigarettes. When the lights went out, the ghostly animals came out to scare the lions, and the lion screamed "ghosts" and scared away. After successfully ridding the Lion King, a pair of newcomers asked the rabbits to attend their wedding and sent a beautiful necklace to the rabbit. The rabbit was full at the duck's wedding, and said a big belly with the pair of new ducks: "I wish you happiness How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, early birth, white-headed old! Goodbye", and left. Wow, the rabbit saw the rabbit country park and went in, where the rabbits and rabbits, the rabbits finally squeezed into the park, and accidentally stunned by a rabbit country car, rabbit country The owner of the carriage pulled the rabbit up and lifted it into the carriage and left the park in the direction of the rabbit country. When the rabbit woke up, it was in a pink princess room, and the rabbit was thinking: Is this the room of the rabbit country princess? "����" has a rabbit, oh, is a handsome rabbit prince. This pink princess room is specially prepared for rabbits by the rabbit prince Cheap Cigarettes. This whole day, the rabbits are playing with the rabbit prince in the rabbit country. There are swings, swimming pools, small rivers, forests and so on. In the evening, the rabbit and the king of the rabbit country had a table together for dinner. After dinner, the rabbit went to pick a rose bath. After the harvest, the rabbit returned to the room to pour the rose into the tub, then pour the water in, and then sat in the bath. After the shower Marlboro Cigarettes, the rabbit was full of rose scent, and the whole rothe way home and encountered many things along the way. Defeat the wolf and help the birds and so on. When I got home, the rabbit saw her mother and went to talk to her mother about the whole process of playing. My mother was very happy to hear, because the rabbits encountered so many troubles, they didn��t cry, they were very strong, they didn��t panic when they fell into the water, and they helped the ducks to drive away the Lion King.

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