The MUT 18 Coins big hits November 16, 2017 10:46 PM

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Just as with last year's picks, we arrested the Madden Mobile Coins after-effects afterwards the 2017 abstract assured endure Saturday.MORE: Absolute NFL Abstract winners and losersAs usual, admiration the rollercoaster of the academy football assay is alarming work. Injuries derail players all the time. So do off-field issues. Dalvin Cook was a abiding first-rounder aloft the board, top bisected by a lot of predictions; he went in the second. Cam Robinson was the aboriginal lineman off the boards on several mocks; he lasted until the added round, too.The appetite to yield a flyer on a abecedarian who seems destined to leave academy aboriginal is irresistible; for some, it didn’t even accept like abundant of a gamble, yet Nick Chubb and Baker Mayfield, first-rounders in some drafts, are aback in academy this season.The MUT 18 Coins big hits: Myles Garrett, the closing aboriginal all-embracing pick, was a top-five aces in 5 of the six abortive mocks. Leonard Fournette, the fourth all-embracing aces this year, was top-10 in all six, top-five in three … and in actuality fourth in two, including SN.The big misses: mostly quarterbacks, commonly absurd to predict.The picks were about accepted on who the No. 1 best would be: Clemson’s Deshaun Watson, aboriginal in 5 of the six, and added in the other. Now, go figure: Watson was advancing off a abundant approved season, a blow in the civic appellation game, and he was accepted to reprise all of that, alienated for a Heisman and accession civic title. He lived up to all of that … and was never even brash as an advantage to go No. 1. He assured up 12th overall, the third quarterback taken.The top quarterback taken this year, at added overall? Mitchell Trubisky … who did not arise in a individual aboriginal apish aboriginal annular endure year.


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