In the evening, I saw them coming to the fire September 14, 2018 4:40 AM

By : ylq

In the evening, I saw them coming to the fire in the wild tents, taking out the table and tableware. Is it... they want to... eat rabbits! Do not! I can't watch them eating my partner! I ran directly to the abominable man who was holding the rabbit Wholesale Cigarettes. I only heard the "ah", the rabbit fell to the ground, "Run!" I shouted at the rabbit Marlboro Cigarettes Online. I have been running with it all the time, and those who are abominable have not caught up. I am very proud of being out of the same kind, but I can think about it again How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. How can I save one or two? After all, we can't fight humans. I was saddened by this, there were a few angry things happening - I heard the sound of a saw laughing and laughing... I heard the cry of the grandfather of the tree... What did humans do to destroy our homeland? Humans kill me just to eat and make new clothes! Hurt the tree grandfather just to figure out their vanity!ans still don't know what is wrong? Humans, you hurt us now, and you are hurting yourself in the future!I am a relatively strong girl, and a girl who does not want to bow her head (this problem does not seem so good!). Once, I had a conflict with the same table, and the contradictory "Ignition Line" was the loss of an eraser. Later, I found out that I suspected that the eraser at the same table was actually left at home by my "Ma Daha"! To be strong, I did not bow to the table at the same table that was I slept at night, I didn't realize that I woke up in the middle of the night inexplicably (know, I don't usually wake up in the middle of the night). At this time, a flash of light came, a small man with a big thumb came, take a closer look - this is not me! At this time, he spoke up: "Hello!" I was very curious, said: "Hello! Excuse me, who are you? Why is it exactly the same as me?" "I? I am 'I'! "I am a little angry, this "unknown clone" actually dared to stir up! "Crap! You are not you or me!" "Of course, oh, really smart!" "You--" I was utterly speechless, he wants to die? ! He went on to say, "My name is ��I��.�� ��I?�� ��Hmm.��er a while, "I" spoke again. "I came here this time, mainly because I found out that you have some problems and want to ��repair�� you.�� ��Oh, let��s getMy family��s Spring Festival this year has been in the country Newport 100S, and every year on the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month, they are all eating sugar. It is said that it is necessary to pay homage to the prince of the stove, sticking his mouth with hemp sugar, not letting him make a small report to the Jade Emperor, and at the same time telling good things to the people of the world. I don't really like to eat sugar because it is very sticky.the 27th day of the twelfth lunar month, the grandfather bought three big fish and one chicken from the market, and prepared a large box of sweet potatoes, because the Chinese New Year is to fry fish, fried chicken, fried sweet potato balls and fried bread. The so-called roll frying is a cuboid food made from steamed pork with large meat puree, wrapped in ew Year's Eve, at around 6 pm, the lights in front of every household are bright, and all kinds of fireworks and firecrackers are set off Marlboro Gold Pack. The picture shows that it will be booming in the new year. At the same time as the dumplings, they must also shoot. As the dumplings fell into the stockpot, the sound of firecrackers grew louder and louder. After the meal, a group of people sat around the table, and the mother, the cockroach, etc., who were responsible for cooking, put the prepared delicious dishes in order, including elbows, rolls, sweet potato balls, fried chicken, and beans. , celery, eggs and other cooking, in the face of the delicious table, have not begun to eat, my saliva has long been unable to help flow out. According to the old rules of the countryside, the reunion dinner is necessary to go home to eat. It has been busy for a year. On the New Year��s Eve, the family will gather together to have a hot, happy, and round meal together to celebrate the year. The harvest is also looking forward to a good harvest in the coming year. 

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