Timothy and Mary O'Brien Private Soldier stationed in Poona (Former East India) 1867 September 26, 2017 9:41 AM

By : William

My maternal great grandmother, Mary Ann O'Brien (Spinster), married Charles Henry Howse (Soldier), on 21st April 1884 in St Patrick's Cathedral Poona East India - confimed with a copy of their marriage certificate.

Mary Ann was born on 7th February 1867 and christened on 24th February 1867 also in Poona, with the birth certificate identifying her father (my great great grandfather) as Private Timothy O'Brien,  a Private in the British Army 83rd Regiment 2nd Battalion 4th Kings Own Regiment of Foot. Her mother is recorded as Mary.

A search of army marriage indexes reveals no entry for Timothy and Mary, and no record of a death in service for a Timothy old enough has been found. Does anyone recognise Timothy O'Brien and wife Mary, and know who their parents might be and where they come from?

Many thanks in advance for any help. Details of the Howse connection (non-Irish) before and after Charles are available for anyone interested.

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