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By : Aimee

This week you will find some amazing costumes and new items in the wardrobe. These items include some rare stuff you have been longing for along time. For your information, if you can't afford these costumes, then you can buy archeage gold on our website at the cheapest price without registration. Let's now check out what costumes will be offered this week. 
The Immortal Guardian's Robes
The Robes are equally suited to a formal evening dinner or secret skullduggery. Dark silks cascade from the shoulders, enhanced with a light collar of matching, hand-selected feathers. The classic hood completes the look and adds to the mystery.
New Lunastones
Lucius's Lunastone decreases enemies' Physical and Magical Defense -60 each time you damage them. This effect can stack once per second, up to a maximum of 7 times.
New Hiram Hunter Pack
A new permanent edition to the store is coming this week too: the Hiram Hunter Pack! A must for everyone, and available once per account, per day! A mere 250 Credits gains you 2 Bound Lucky Elixers, 2 Adventurer’s Assorted Ribs, and 2 Adventurer’s Goblet of Honor.
All details about new items are revealed above. hope you can get whatever you fancy. Please feel free to seek help from us at any time, we 'd be very glde to help you complete your journey.  We always have huge cheap archeage gold in stock for you. Good luck and enjoy your game.
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