Inishvickillane September 07, 2017 2:20 PM

By : Robert


I'm a descendant of MuriÓ Dálaigh from the Inishvickillane, (Inis Mhic Uibhleian) a forty-acre island off the SW coast of Dingle Penninsula in County Kerry, one of the Blasket Islands.

There is a wonderful book about the Inis by Mícheál O Dubhshláine, titled "Inishvickillane, A unique portrait of the Blasket Island."

Much of it discusses my ancestors.  There were about 12 children who left the island for America (potential Great-Great Aunts/Uncles).  We only know what happened to one or two of them...  

Can anyone else trace their heritage back to this island?

I grew up in Maryland and now live in Chicago.  

-Rob Daly 

Re: Inishvickillane October 12, 2017 10:45 PM

By : Dottie

That is amazing you are able to trace your heritage back that far! Unfortunately, we have been at a dead-end since the 1970s when my father started researching our genealogy.  I have been on for several hours a day the past year as we are planning a trip to Ireland this spring. I also grew up in Maryland and now live in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  My ancestor was Patrick Daly who was born in Ireland in 1825 and immigrated to Philadelphia approximately 1850. Much to our dismay, there were approximately 25 men in Philadelphia by the name of Patrick Daly at that time.

Re: Inishvickillane July 03, 2018 11:46 AM

By : Robert

Hi Dottie,

How was your trip?  I grew up in Frederick, MD - you?

It is amazing; we are fortunate to have such a unique history (with many thanks to the hard work of Mícheál O Dubhshláine).  The dead-end you face is very common.  For me, go back 2 more generations and it's all lost to history, just a big question mark. 

In Chicago, I also looked up some old telephone books for Daly/Dalaighs and was equally dismayed to find so many of them (shouldn't be that surprising, right?!)

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