RuneScape No Reply from Login Server Solved & Connectivity Issue July 11, 2018 10:51 PM

By : zxcvb

Rencently, some Old School RuneScape players had“No reply coming from login sever”issue on the login screen. And fortunately it has been solved according to the story of Old School team in twitter. we will help you decipher it out and always offer cheap OSRS gold here. In addition to, we will also talk about latest connectivity issues.
No reply from login sever trouble
Some OSRS players came across an unexpected disruption to sign, and they all received an email“No reply from account server. Please wait just one minute and try all over again.” at the login tv screen. But after trying longing ans switching between oceans, they still got similar results.
Luckily after a little while often the OSRS team has identified what this issue is in addition to claimed they has sorted this problem accordingly on the standard twitter. If you still have precisely the same problem, you can try to acquire the OSRS client all over again and this should work.
Ongoing issues with connectivity
As a matter of fact, not long ago the Old School team recently made an announcement to spell out the ongoing issues with connectivity, along with the SysAdmin team are accomplishing everything with their power to ensure that OSRS keeps available to have fun with without any disruption. However, even if DDoS attacks take a number of forms and evolve with complexity all the time, the team require some time to handle these attacks and in addition they just ask for our fortitude while resolving the problem.
Furthermore, they also express the above sorted log issue has nothing to do with often the recent connectivity issues on the twitter.
Anyway, please keep supporting the Old School RuneScape and get enough cheap OSRS gold to play the game.

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